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In my work I'm interested in forming abstract, color driven

shapes with a strength and structure that become a vocabulary.

I search for the essence of a place or image to create the abstracted forms. By combining imagery from my photographs and drawings the abstracted elements find inherent symbolism.


I examine the painting surface through a layering process of grounding mediums, plaster, acrylic paint, collage, charcoal and graphite. I work on baltic birch panels and the marks I create by scrapping and scribing form history and depth in the surface.

I use drywall knives and brushes to saturate broad areas with color as I layer the surface. Often working in a series, I find the process creates a play between the pieces and  a completion

of a cycle in a group of related works.

Influenced by Japan, I found the most elegant shapes and forms everywhere. Travels there fed my creative soul. I was drawn to the use of color and the sculptural, textural quality of exterior and interior walls.


Please check the studio page for current updates on exhibitions and events

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